Our new 12 part on-demand training course for bands. "Facebook Marketing For Musicians" is a guide to effective digital strategy and advertising for the music industry  We get it...most bands don't have the budget to hire an agency to do their digital marketing, or even to keep up with the constantly changing rules and best practices. With that in mind, we created this course to give you the tools you need to do it yourself on a musician-friendly budget. Taught by a veteran of thousands of Facebook campaigns for tours and album releases. Stop wasting money on the boost button and learn how to do Facebook advertising the right way. 

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Version 2.0 updated for fall/winter 2017, including several new artist-friendly updates that Facebook recently rolled out. Check out the course HERE.

● Effective Targeting Strategies

● Using Facebook Power Editor

● Tour Marketing Strategies

● Architecture Of An Effective Ad

● Using "Dark" Posts to Promote Your Tours 

● The Two Most Valuable Targets You're Not Using to Promote Your Music

● Smart Money vs. Dumb Money: Getting the Most From Your Ad Budgets

● Amplifying Your PR

● Promote To Your Fans on Instagram

● Why You're Probably Doing Video Ads Wrong

● How To Promote Your Album Release Online

● Live Streaming

● Is This Thing On? Using Metrics to Maximize Your Success

● Interactive Q&A and Ad Critiques